Did you know that treating even the mildest form of hearing loss has been shown to delay the effects of cognitive decline and dementia associated with the aging process? We hear with our brains, not with our ears. When a hearing loss is present, at any degree of severity, the area of the brain used to hear and understand becomes reorganized. Therefore losing its ability to “understand” what, if anything it can hear.

With hearing loss being the 3rd most prevalent health condition in older adults, it is important that people receive regular hearing evaluations just as you would an annual health check up with your physician. Consulting with a hearing healthcare professional will allow you to understand if you have a hearing loss present and whether any treatments are recommended.


Now what?

For many adults, even those with mild hearing loss, sound stimulation through the use of hearing aids can provide the ability for many to restore the use of brain function used in hearing if treated quickly. Think of hearing as the easiest exercise anyone can ask you to do. Maintaining full stimulation of the auditory system (hearing mechanism) allows the brain to more easily focus on other demanding tasks instead of TRYING to understand what your friends and loved ones are saying to you. Remember, life is worth hearing!

We encourage you to take the first step towards better hearing and better overall health. Consult directly with one of our nationally accredited hearing healthcare professionals today.

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