Paula Sieler (Bachelor Audiometry University of New England 2019, Dip H.D.P.&E, Cert IV, Certificate of Attainment for the Office of Hearing Services) has been an Audiometrist for over 30 years, caring for the hearing impaired, giving support to our clients, family and medical staff throughout Queensland. 

She started her working life as a nurse and after working in a Ear, Nose and Throat clinic in Brisbane, changed over to hearing as she found her true calling . Paula’s experience and expertise is in hearing aid and amplification and programming as well as patient and family counselling.

Paula is also hearing impaired and has worn hearing aids for a number of years so she understands the challenge and joy of hearing in our busy world and the impact of hearing loss and how hearing aids can make a change to ones life. 

She was made a fellow of the Australian College of Audiology (ACAud) in 2011 but has been a member since the college was founded. Paula held the Chair of the Hearing Aid Council for Queensland for 5 years.

Paula Chaired the Australian College of Audiology Bi- annual conferences coordinating education ,hearing aid manufactures training events for all members.

Paula was self-employed until she joined the ihear family in 2012. She has served as a member of the Hearing Services Advisory Committee and the Educational Review Committee, set up by the Federal Government. 

She has just completed up-skilling by completing her Bachelor of Audiometry in 2019 and is currently continuing University studies on dementia and cognitive decline , looking at the relationship to dementia and hearing loss.